Facts About the National Hockey League

Facts About the National Hockey League

The National Hockey League is a professional ice hockey league located in North America. The league is comprised of 32 teams – 25 in the United States and seven in Canada. It is considered one of the world’s best professional ice hockey leagues, and is a mainstay of the professional sports scene in the United States. Here are some facts about the National Hockey League. You might be surprised by what you learn! Hopefully these facts will give you a better understanding of the National Hockey League and help you decide whether or not to watch it.

Radio – As radio stations began to broadcast NHL games in the U.S., the league expanded its reach. By the end of the first season, more than 20 Canadian radio stations were airing games, and by the end of the season, nearly 70 percent of Canadian radios were tuned in to the NHL. This popularity led American-based teams to start broadcasting their games on radio as well. But there was a problem: the National Hockey League did not have enough television coverage in Canada.

The ice – The NHL is an incredibly unique league. In its first season, the league had only six teams, and only two of them were Canadian. The ECHL and the American Hockey League were formed to help players develop. The Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup in this way in 1942, despite the fact that their head coach, Jack Adams, was suspended mid-way through the series. Despite the storied history of hockey, Canada continues to make significant contributions to the sport.

– The NHL is divided into divisions and conferences. The Atlantic and Metropolitan divisions are the original six teams in the league and were the only ones to expand after World War II. The league had only six teams in the 1940s, but by the 1970s, this number grew to twenty-one. In addition to the six teams, three new franchises joined the league, and other old ones were also added. Moreover, some new arenas were built in Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

– The NHL has the best players in the world. Players rotate on the ice and off regularly. While most players are allowed to fight, the NHL’s rules do not allow players to be ejected when fighting occurs. Fighting is considered to be part of the game’s tradition, and players are often intimidated when fighting occurs. The NHL employs enforcers – so-called “goons” – to break up fights between rival teams.

– The regular season schedule consists of 82 games played by each team. Teams play 41 at home and 41 away during the regular season. Most of these games are against other division winners, but they play every team in the league at least once. Unlike other professional sports leagues, the standings in the NHL are different. Each team earns points for each game they win, while losing earns zero points. A team may also win the championship if it wins in overtime.


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